Stephenson County Fair Cupcake Decorating Contest

Experience the sweet side of creativity at the Stephenson County Fair this year! We’re delighted to announce our first-ever Cupcake Decorating Contest. This is your chance to showcase your decorating skills and delight the audience with your cupcake artistry. Whether you’re an amateur baker or a professional pastry chef, we invite you to join us and turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

  • Date: Saturday, July 29th
  • Time: 4pm
  • Venue: Old Dining Hall, Stephenson County Fairgrounds, Freeport, IL

Rules of the Contest

For Adults: Contestants must be 14 years of age or older.

For Kids: Contestants must be ages 6-13 years.

  • Contestants are to bring their own undecorated cupcakes (minimum 6, maximum 12), decorating tools, and materials.
  • Edible decorations only. No inedible materials or decorations are permitted.
  • All decorations must be completed on-site within the allocated time (90 minutes).
  • There will be no use of electrical equipment (e.g., mixers, ovens, microwaves) on-site.
  • Cupcakes will be judged based on creativity, technique, presentation, and overall appearance.
  • Contestants must clean their workspaces after the contest.
  • The decision of the judges is final and binding.