Organizers of the Stephenson County Fair will host the Fair’s first “sensory sensitive” experience. The opportunity will take place daily from 10am-12pm at the Fair. These hours have been set aside by the Fair to create a more calming and comforting atmosphere for people who may be especially sensitive to crowds and sounds like those with autism or other sensory processing disorders.

Beginning at 10am, the announcements, music and other sounds and noises will be turned off for the opportunity to enjoy the Fair without the drawbacks that sudden sounds can cause. Sensory hours take place as the gates open for the day meaning fewer people on the grounds making it easier for individuals who might need extra time or have difficulty with larger crowds.

All are welcomed at the Stephenson County Fair for a more relaxing environment without loud announcements, music and crowds.


For those with mobility related disabilities, we will have several options to help you fully enjoy your fair experience. We have reserved parking in our grass lot near the food court and there will be golf carts available to shuttle you directly to your desired location (look for signs or call 815-656-0527 for a golf cart pick up).

There is accessible seating in the grandstand area as well. Please enter the grandstand gate closest to the ticket booth and follow the signs directed to your left.

The office has a brand new ADA ramp should you need to come in to the office.

The buildings also have a ramp or low thresholds to enter.

Should you need any additional assistance or reasonable accommodations, please feel free to contact the office and let us know how we can help! 815-232-2918 or [email protected]