Welcome to the Stephenson County Fair, where food and fun come together! This unique competition will feature our fair food vendors, who will be competing against each other to create the most unique, delicious and creative fair food dish.

On the first day of the fair, June 23rd, our fair visitors will have the opportunity to taste and vote for their favorite dish. The vendor with the most votes at the end of the day will be crowned the winner of the competition.

We are excited to bring this new and exciting competition to our fair, and we can’t wait for our visitors to experience the unique food creations that our vendors have in store. This competition is just one of the many fun and exciting activities that we have planned for this year’s fair.

So come on out to the Stephenson County Fair and join in on the fun! Don’t forget to try out all of the amazing food creations and cast your vote for your favorite dish in our new and exciting food competition. We look forward to seeing you there!

Check back for a list of food vendors who are competing! Come out and vote!