May Newsletter

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Everything is really ramping up here, it’s exciting to see such a buzz of activity!

Harley Miller, the new office help, starts on Tuesday.  My plan was to expand the hours after Memorial Day when Harley started.  The new hours will officially be 9am-4pm M-F for June.  Starting the last week of June though the fair, that will also include Saturdays 9-12pm.

Jr Fair Volunteer.  The kids have signed onto projects at the fair, they will be at the fair all week volunteering.

Commercial Space.  Vendors are filling up quickly and we’ve had great response for the rotating booths!

Events:  The monster truck canceled at the last minute.  They didn’t officially cancel until the morning before the event, I posted it online as soon as I knew.   The circus was a huge success and everyone loved it!  It looked to be a huge crowd for all 4 shows!  They’d like to come back again next summer, or even have an event during the fair!

Advertising:  I sent out flyers through all the school districts in the county.  The Bull would like to be an inkind sponsor for the Bulls & Barrels.

Tickets/Passes:  In honor of the 70th anniversary of the fair in this location, I redesigned the passes.  Bargain Maxx paid the cost of the printing of the passes in exchange for his info on the back (which is a coupon for his store).

Military.  I do have confirmation of the Army, Marine Corps  Navy to be in attendance.  They can’t bring the “National Asset” trucks, but the intend to bring some interactive activities anyway.
Small Garden Project:  I have a potential sponsor who wants to develop the area.  Alicia Glendenning created a proposal for him, I sent it today, so we will see what he says.