If you are interested in participating, please click the appropriate  link below for your age division. There is one link for the  Rules/Requirements and Acknowledgement Form and one for the Pageant  application.

Questions should be directed to Cindi  Mielke, Pageant Director, at 815-238-7492  or  

Applications may also be obtained by  contacting the Stephenson County Fair Office at 815-235-2918 or


Contestant must be a minimum of 16 years old and not have reached her 22nd birthday by January 1, 2023

Queen Rules/Requirements & 

Acknowledgement Form

Junior Miss

Contestant must be 11 – 15 years old by 

July 1, 2022

Junior Miss Rules/Requirements &

 Acknowledgement Form

Little Miss

Contestant must be 6 – 10 years old by 

July 1, 2022

Little Miss Rules/Requirements & 

Acknowledgement Form


Welcome to the 2021 Stephenson County Fair. 

2021 Royalty

This year’s fair is on its way to being bigger  and better than ever with many new attractions for everyone to see.  I  am Cassie Hood, your 2019 Miss Stephenson County Fair Queen. What a  journey 2019 was for me. This expedition has been full of  excitement, heartwarming memories, and fun-loving times from our very  own fair, to riding in and waving to happy faces in parades, going to  the Illinois State Fair and pageant, and last but not least, meeting  some of the most genuine people along the way.

Being the  Stephenson County Fair Queen has taught me more than I could imagine  about myself. I came into our fair pageant simply to have a great time  and to partake in something I have never done before. Once the day of  the pageant arrived, I was full of nerves and excitement overall. After  the pageant started, everything flew by and it was over before we knew  it. Holding this title has been dear to me and has taught me about  courage, and it has been a time of pure bliss.

I would  like to thank my Jr. Miss, Audra Lartz; Little Miss, Karrigan Wingert;  and Little Miss, Kinzy DeHaven, for the wonderful times we spent  together during fair week, parades, and special events we attended. The  bond and memories we have will last forever, and you have made 2019 very  special to me.

Although I am not quite ready to give up  my crown, I know the time has come to pass the title on to the next  deserving young lady who I am sure will do an outstanding job of  representing the Stephenson County Fair. I encourage all girls age six  (6) to twenty-one (21) to participate in the Stephenson County Fair  Pageant. It is an experience you will never forget and it will be the  best time of your life. Thank you to the Stephenson County Fair and  Pageant Committee for giving myself and others the opportunity of a lifetime to be called Royalty.

Thank you to our 2020 Queen Pageant Sponsors: 

 Mike Shore 

Mollie Clay

Pennie Miller